Historic Center of San Miguel

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The walking tour of the Historic Center of San Miguel. 2 hours Alberto was born in Mexico city, raised in Chihuahua, lived in Morelos and Veracruz states. He has been living in San Miguel since 2009, he was assistant manager of the Tourism Board in 2010, and since 2013 he is the president of the Friends of the Museum of the city, he has been part of the Civil Society movements defending the natural and cultural heritage of the city, he is member of the Somos citizen movement that participated as independent option (no party) in last major and city council elections in San Miguel (July 2018). Somos got a Chair of the ten in the City Council, the appointment is given to the proprietary of the chair and his substitute or deputy, Alberto is the last one, for the next 3 year municipality government period. Be pretty sure you are going to have an insider and Mexican look to the city, and the point of view of a researcher on historical, cultural and tourism topics related to San Miguel. We start at the Jardín and the parish, inside, we visit the Lord of the Conquest shrine. We walk around the main square to learn about the houses, from there we head to the Centro Cultural El Nigromante, the former Escuela Universitaria de Bellas Artes school, to see the murals painted by the students, teachers and the great David Alfaro Siqueiros, one of the three best known Mexican muralists: Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros. Alberto has been working on the rescue and research of the personal archives of the peruvian founder of the Bellas Artes school, Felipe Cossío del Pomar (learn more). From there we go to the Biblioteca Pública and the plaza of the Solitude, if you are on the mood we can go to the Mercado to have a glass of aguamiel or pulque, the agave nectar and the fermented drink that is done from it. We talk about the origins of the city, the history of the parish and its sacred images, about the golden age of San Miguel, the XVIII century, and of course about the role of the city in the Independence of Mexico. Finally, the tour focus on the recent history of San Miguel, the XX century, the art schools, and the challenges of that present San Miguel is facing.

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