Tourism Research and Training

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Tourism research and training. San Miguel de Allende 2016, punto de no retorno.

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Letter and document to UNESCO, Salvemos Aldama civil movement. 

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National University Seminar, UNAM. Tourism, gentrification and real state speculation in San Miguel de Allende.  Cartel. Conferencia Somos, Las Cuevitas 2 Museo Allende, 3 Global Justice en Biblioteca, 4 Occupy Wall Street, 5 Unitarian Fellowship talks, artículo. Propuesta Somos, el cambio necesario en la política turística de San Miguel de Allende,  documentos. The Yacatecuhtli technique. Methodology for designing tours and heritage interpretation for tourist guides in Mexico and Latin America. The Destinationsphere model, a tool for the research and management of tourist destinations.

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